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Welcome to World of Design!
Here at World of Design we do what we can to help you build a website. Rather it is for your business, organization & even clans for professional gaming. We have the best team that will help you to make your perfect site. There are three small steps that we will need from you. 

Step One:
You will need to have your own domain, for we do not provide that for you.

Step Two:
All the details that you want to be on your website we will need after our initial interview.

Step Three:
Payment; unlike all these other companies who will charge you for a domain, charge you for a premium membership and then charge you monthly and/or yearly for a website. Here at World of Design we will only charge you a one time fee of $100 flat. This will pay for our team to get started on your site. We will even provide a 30 day trial which will conclude our word before you decide to pay in full.

This will allow us to create a site so you can decide if you will want to do business with us or not. The website will take up to 30 days to make, depending on your design. As for the domain. We will consult with another business on what will be the best plan for you, that will come with a domain.

Our Design Team:
Our Design Team will assist you in anyway possible. If you have any questions that you might want to ask you can follow the instructions below.

Go to the forums, then you will want to go to Design Team. You will want to create a new Post under "Design Questions".

We're here to help you!
We're always on hand to give you help and answer your questions. If you need help. Also, our customers benefit from our super speedy customer support. We usually reply to the chat room within a few hours for all of our customers.
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